Special events

At Domaine de l’Eglentiere,

our season is continually monitored

At Domaine de l’Eglentiere,

our season is continually monitored

and with a very high regard for your entertainment and feedback we bring you :


  • Live concerts


Organised for the end of the day, around 8pm.  Time to enjoy a performance after a hard day sunbathing. Holidays are a place to enjoy, relax and unwind, where time stands still. We wish. 


We advertise well in advance so there’s no excuse not to join us. You can find all the programming on our Facebook page too. 


  • The national holiday: July 14th


Any excuse for a party!  The whole day is a family filled fun day where we share laughter with the organised activities, fun in the pool and eat together as the great big family we are. 



  • The Espenan Festival, early August 


This historic festival captures the real story of the seventeenth century war between the Spanish and the French. It’s an all day event going on till late evening. Soldiers arrive on horseback for a magnificent display of horse maneuvering, this is called the cavalcade.  Count Roger de Bossost of Espenan, an emblematic figure of the region shows his face in a very theatrical play, performed by professional actors is translated so everyone can enjoy the story. The whole performance is played out on the site of the actual remains of the castle of Espenan.  We dine together, a traditional meal of the time, whilst the actors perform and capture your imagination. Traditional dances and music throughout the evening and all end in a fabulous firework display. 

To learn more about this event, check out our dedicated article.


The sound journey with the Tibetan concert is a very spiritual experience. This leaves you in the most relaxed atmosphere with a great feeling of well being.