The organic farm

Healthy living and naturism goes hand in hand with organic farming!

Living in harmony with its environment is what naturism advocates! Naturism enthusiasts favour healthy living, whether it is through food, sport, personal hygiene or respect for nature by reducing its ecological footprint, everything is important. In this spirit of "health", organic farming is at the heart of our naturist values.

At the Domaine de l'Eglantière, we are proud to offer products from our certified organic farm. Composed of an ovine farm and crops such as soya bean and broad bean etc., the exploitation works in perfect harmony with the Domain.

  • To eat the BIO products from the farm at the restaurant!
  • To participate in a family "sheep shearing" event: a fun and original activity for       young and old alike!
  • To see our herds grazing on certain plots of the campsite: a very effective natural weed killer!

Thus, children and parents alike can take advantage of the benefits of this cohabitation, not to mention collaboration between the campsite and the BIO farm, to delight your taste buds!