Your first time at a naturist campsite

Your first time at a naturist campsite

So, you’ve gained an interest in naturism. Maybe you already visited a nude beach or got naked in a spa and now you’ve started thinking about a true naturist vacation. But how does this work? Where do you start? What can you expect?


We have good news for you, you’ve come to the right place. Not just because in this blog post we’ll give you tips for your first naturist camping experience, but also because L’Eglantière is an excellent place to start.


Yes, naturist camping is something for you!


Let’s start with getting the elephant out of the room: How does the whole nudity thing work? Many first-time visitors of a naturist campsite are looking forward to spending some time without clothes, but also fear that they may be required to be naked at times when it doesn’t feel comfortable. For example, when the temperatures drop in the evening, while having your morning run, or during dinner.


Don’t worry, your clothes will not be locked up from the moment you arrive. It’s perfectly fine to get used to this new naturist environment at your own pace. Also during the activities, you can wrap around a towel or sarong or wear sports clothes if that makes you feel more comfortable. The only ground rule is that any kind of clothing - including bathing suits - is prohibited in the water facilities. Not only doesn’t it make any sense to wear clothes in the swimming pool or the river, it’s also very unhygienic. 


Many first-time naturists start with just being naked around their accommodation or in the pool, but in a matter of hours, they seem to have forgotten that they actually packed clothes for this vacation.


It’s about who you are, not how you look


At the naturist campsite, you can find a cross-section of society. People with all sorts of jobs, hobbies, and interests. Bodies in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Because everyone is unique in their own way, naturists respect others for who they are. It’s the kind of place where you can feel comfortable and accepted, no matter how you look. This is exactly why many beginning naturists experience a feeling of liberation when all the pressure of society and beauty standards evaporate.


If this is your first naturist experience as a family, L’Eglantière is definitely a good choice because the campsite is popular among families of all ages. Your children will quickly make friends and engage in the many activities, and you get the chance to enjoy the place in your own way. To let the surrounding nature completely absorb you and bring you a well deserved peace of mind.


The naturist etiquette


We don’t like to talk about rules or laws at naturist campsites, but there are some unspoken guidelines that will make your vacation and the one of the other guests much more agreeable.


  1. S.O.S: Sit On Something: Wherever you decide to put your bare behind, make sure that there’s something in between your body and the furniture. This can be a sarong, a towel, a t-shirt, or anything else. Just something. This is both hygienic and more comfortable.

  2. Don’t gawk: If you aren’t used yet to be among naked people, your eyes may be attracted towards all those bodies. That is absolutely normal and something you can’t really avoid. Looking is fine, gawking or staring is not. If you’re making people feel uncomfortable, you’re doing it wrong.

  3. Remember the “self” in Selfie: In the past, taking pictures was absolutely forbidden at naturist places. Now that smartphones and social media have become such an important part of our lives, it’s hard to avoid pictures. Just remember to only take pictures of yourself or your own family, and if you want to include others, always ask for permission.

  4. Clean up after yourself: If everybody cleans up their own mess, the campsite remains enjoyable for everyone. At L’Eglantière we also have several recycling options, make use of those to help protecting our planet.

  5. Be kind to others: Naturism is praised for its wonderful social atmosphere and it takes very little effort to maintain this. Just a friendly “Hello” or “How are you doing” can make a world of difference. And it’s often the source for hour-long conversations with new friends afterward.


In the end, the naturist etiquette is based on one very important value, the pillar of naturism: Respect. Respect for others, for yourself, and for nature. If you keep this in mind, we can guarantee that you will have a wonderful naturist camping experience.


There’s nothing wrong with being a newbie


One last thing we need to mention is that no matter how hard you try to remember the naturist etiquette, it’s likely that it will slip your mind one moment or another. That on a sunny afternoon, you will just walk up to the bar for a drink and forget to put down your towel first. That too is completely normal, but it is possible that someone might point it out before you notice it. Just excuse yourself and find something to sit on. Don’t be afraid to mention that this is your first time. Every naturist will remember how that feels and will be extra helpful to guide you through this first-time process.


It is also a good idea to mention at the reception desk that this is your first time at a naturist campsite. We are used to this at L’Eglantière and we know how it feels. Our staff will take some extra time to listen to your worries or doubts and to explain how things exactly work at our campsite. If you still feel a bit nervous, they will help you find a spot where you have more privacy and where you can take your time to get comfortable without being too close to the other guests. And they can help you pick the perfect activities to make sure that your first naturist vacation will be a memorable one.