The first-time female naturist

Do you remember the last time you saw a naked woman who is not yourself, a relative, or a friend? It’s quite likely that this happened while you were scrolling through a magazine, watching a movie, or when a shower gel commercial popped up on your screen. Let’s not even get started on what you may have seen on the internet. In any case, the woman was probably tall, slim, tanned, and in her early twenties. It almost seems as if these are the prerequisites for a woman to show herself naked. If your body is not a perfect match, you better put some clothes on girl! Or at least, that is what many of us still tend to believe.


Beauty standards have existed for ages and always seemed to apply more to women than they did to men. Encouraged by the fashion and cosmetics industry, we are in a constant race towards perfection. Often not realizing that the qualifications we are expected to meet will change again by next summer.


I’m not beautiful enough to be a naturist


When we ask women about what’s keeping them from giving naturism a try, the two most common answers are “I am not beautiful enough” and “I am not confident enough”. Which basically means exactly the same and are just other ways of saying that you don’t believe that people will enjoy the sight of your body. That they will think that you’re ugly, that they will be disgusted, or worse, that they will laugh and point behind our back.


If you did already try naturism, you know that there is nothing to fear. First of all, because naturism is not at all about how you look. Unlike those young girls on TV and in magazines, you are not naked to please someone else but only for yourself. This is not a contest where people will vote on how you look. In fact, if you come with high expectations, you’ll probably end up being disappointed about how little people will care about your appearance. Because that is something else that few beginning naturists realize. Most of the others will have seen hundreds, if not thousands of other naked women before. And not just in the magazines but in real life. Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. When it comes to the naked body, it’s really hard to shock or impress a naturist.


Coping with the male predator


Another concern of female naturists, especially if they are single, is how to cope with the attention of men. The #metoo movement is taking large leaps forward, but still, there is quite some harassment in this world. How will you fend off unwanted advances when you can’t even protect your body with a single piece of clothing? How will you stop yourself from feeling like a sexual object when some guy doesn’t stop staring at you?


It’s important to mention that the foundation of naturism is that it is about non-sexual nudity and that 99.9% of the other naturists, men and women, agree and respect this. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that a rotten apple gets into the basket. Therefore we always recommend having your first naturist experiences at a private venue, like a naturist campsite, and not at a public nude beach. Not only because private places have staff who can expel anyone who misbehaves, but also because social protection tends to be a lot stronger at private venues than at public places. No form of harassment or disrespectful behavior is tolerated at a naturist campsite and if you don’t dare to take action, others who notice it definitely will.


Tips for first-time naturists


Did we manage to take any of your initial concerns away? Then let’s talk about some of the more practical aspects.


Do you need to be naked all the time?

A lot of aspiring naturists look forward to the idea of swimming and sunbathing naked, but feel less for dining or having their morning run without clothes. The general rule is that you are expected to be naked in and around the water facilities (like the swimming pool) and in places where it’s more hygienic (like the sauna). In any other case, it’s perfectly fine to wear clothes or wrap around a sarong. Bathing suits are not common practice though.


What if I have my period?

Many naturist women just use a tampon when they’re in their period, but this is not an actual rule. In case you don’t feel confident, it’s perfectly fine to wear underwear or a bikini bottom. If this is something that really concerns you, we would recommend to plan your first naturist experience when you don’t have your period.


Do I need to shave?

As mentioned earlier, in naturism it really doesn’t matter how you look. This applies to body hair as well. Shaving is largely a trend anyway. In the early 21st century, the full shave was very popular. But in recent years, more and more people (men and women) prefer to leave some or all of their body hair. At a naturist campsite, you will most likely see a lot of different pubic haircuts.


Can I come with the family?

By all means, YES. If you want to take your partner and/or children, please do so. The very large majority of naturist venues are family-friendly and you can be sure that your kids will have a great time.


What do I need to bring?

The number one rule in naturism is to always sit on something. We strongly believe that the naked body is more hygienic than clothes, but that doesn’t mean that we like to sit down where your sweaty behind has been just seconds ago. The feeling of your bare skin on wood, metal, or plastic  will be uncomfortable anyway, so bring a sarong or towel to sit on. Also sunscreen and bug repellent are quite important. Your skin will appreciate its freedom, but mosquitos will do so as well. And many naturists can tell you from experience, a roasted butt can really ruin a holiday.


When do I start?


If there’s one thing that most naturists agree on it’s that they wished that they tried naturism earlier. So here’s some great advice: Try it now. Don’t wait until next year, don’t wait until your children are out of the house, or until you might feel more comfortable about your body. Take the leap now. If you don’t like it, you can always just put your clothes back on and leave. But we can tell you, few who’ve tried it ever walked away again.


If you want to learn more about your first time at our naturist campsite, do contact us and our staff will answer all your questions. We get first-timers every season, we know how daunting it may feel and we know how we can make your first time as a naturist a unique and wonderful experience.