The escape from mass tourism

The year 2020 will definitely make the history books and not in the most positive way. It’s the year that the world got shut down because a virus was spreading at the speed of light. But to many, this pandemic has also been an eye-opener. We realized that we don’t have to travel to the end of the world for a great vacation. We realized the importance of human contact, now that we were completely missing out on it. We realized that pure nature still brings us safety and that the wide outdoors can be a welcome alternative to tourist highlights.


Back to nature


In a world in which suddenly everything felt contagious, lots of people wanted to avoid public transport, large hotels, and busy cities. Vacations in nature became the way forward, destinations that are within reach with private transportation and where we can set up our own accommodation. We all went camping. it’s not a coincidence that especially naturist campsites started seeing an increase in first-time visitors. Often even first-time naturists.


While “textile” campsites can often be cramped, naturist campsites are always an oasis of space, and the natural aspect is very important. We don’t like to be stacked like sardines. Although naturism is a very social way of living, it’s also about respect for each other’s space to move. Nature in itself has a relaxing effect on humans, something most people can definitely use after all the stress that’s caused by the pandemic. An additional advantage for the naturists is that vitamin D, which is produced when our bodies get in touch with sunlight, proves to be great protection against viruses. With our whole body is exposed to the sun, our vitamin D levels reach very high levels when we are naked.


Off the beaten path


France is very popular among worldwide tourists and often suffers from over-tourism. Especially regions like Paris and the Cote d’Azur literally get overrun during the summer months. The advantage of naturist campsites is that they are rarely where the masses go. Our campsite, for example, is located at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range. In absolutely stunning landscapes full of hiking trails and dotted with picturesque villages. And most of all, in a region that’s not heavily polluted by tourism.


France is quite a large place, and still, everyone seems to go to the same places. Of course, the Eiffel Tower and the magnificent coastline may be items on your bucket list, but there’s so much more to do that doesn’t require you to get lost among thousands of other tourists. Naturist campsites give you the chance to explore some lesser-known regions of this beautiful country and in a very unique way: Without clothes. 2020 has not only proven that this is a very healthy way of going on a vacation, but also a really fun one. An escape from the rat race, away from the masses, away from the daily stress, and back to our roots. Back to nature.