Naturism as the perfect form of relaxation

Many western European naturists, especially those from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, have set their first steps into our wonderful lifestyle at a spa or wellness center. It’s an obvious starting point. Spending a whole vacation without clothes may seem intimidating at first, but it’s crystal clear that facilities like a sauna, a hammam, or a jacuzzi are much better experienced without even a bathing suit.


Undress to de-stress


While visitors of the spa will recognize the comfort of not being restricted by a single piece of textile, the mental advantage of being naked is largely underestimated. For non-naturists, this is often difficult to understand. The idea of being naked among strangers may sound stressful. Sometimes even like the subject of a nightmare. How could this ever be relaxing?


It definitely takes some courage to go full monty for the first time, it’s like a dive in cold water. But once you’re in, you realize that the initial fear was unnecessary. That the water isn’t that cold at all. Or in the case of the spa center or the naturist campsite, that it’s not weird and that nobody really cares about what your body looks like. This immediately puts your feet back on the ground. All the time that you have worried about what others might think of your body, the hours that you’ve spent undecidedly in front of a mirror, all suddenly seem so trivial.


Body confidence is definitely an important aspect of naturism and a great reliever of stress. But there’s another reason why a day at the spa is so relaxing. You literally get away from the outside world. Together with your clothes, you also put your smartphone in the locker. Suddenly, the device that is constantly begging for your attention is gone. The “me time” of which we seem to be getting less and less, instantly becomes plenty.


Relaxation at the naturist campsite


If a day or even a couple of hours at a spa center can make such a world of difference, wouldn’t it be great if we could bring this experience into our everyday life? Well, here’s the good news: You definitely can. From putting the smartphone away and setting the world on hold for a while, to enjoying the pleasure of being naked.


Also during vacations, which are already supposed to be de-stressing, naturism provides an additional level of relaxation. At the naturist campsite, there is no need to worry about how you look and what people will think of you. Just like in the spa, you can be your true self and enjoy the moment to the fullest.


Our “Vieille Ferme” at L’Eglantière is a spa center on it’s own. Complete with a sauna, a hydromassage, a lounge area, and a massage room it’s a great spot to get to your zen-mood. But don’t underestimate the power of nature too. Reading a book under a tree or a refreshing skinny dip in the Gers river, which runs straight through our domain, might even make you forget that there’s a clothed world outside.


A stay at L’Eglantière will stimulate you to slow down and enjoy the moment, and meanwhile helps you to recharge your batteries, so you’re in excellent shape for what comes after your vacation.