Nature-ism in the Midi-Pyrénées

Naturism is more than just being naked, we probably don’t have to tell you this. That is why a lot of the guests at L’Eglantière don’t mind putting their clothes on if that means that they can explore some magnificent nature. If the great outdoors fascinate you too, we definitely have some treats for you.


Splendid mountain landscapes


We are literally located at the foot of the Pyrénées, you can even see the first peaks from certain spots on our domain, so a day trip into the mountains is definitely a recommendation. For some of the most stunning views, you can do the hike to Cirque de Gavarnie. A valley that has been carved out of limestone by glaciers and that is 3 kilometers wide at the top, while only about 800 meters wide at its base. A great place to awe at waterfalls and spot lots of wildlife.


More amazing views can be found at the Pic Du Midi. This mountaintop is mostly known for its winter sports opportunities and for its astronomical observatory. At the observatory museum, you can learn a lot about the local history and astronomy, and we recommend spending some time at one of the panoramic terraces to soak up the amazing natural beauty of the surrounding mountains.


Valleys, caves, and lakes


For nature hikes, Cauterets is a must on your itinerary. The town has a striving spa culture, but also lots of nature like the turquoise-blue Gaube Lake. There are plenty of walking paths that will take you past lakes and caves, giving one spectacular view of the mountains after the other.


The Pyrénées is the natural border between France and Spain, and it’s really easy to cross into Spain for the day to enjoy that side of the mountain range. A great place to start your exploration is the valley of the river Aragón. This valley is popular for adventure sports like rock climbing, canyoning, and rafting, but also for the less adventurous there are plenty of hiking trails and canyons to explore.


Naked in nature


If you do prefer to enjoy nature in your most natural form, we also have a lot to offer inside our 50 hectares large domain. One of the highlights at L’Eglantière is the Gers river which runs straight through the domain and provides great opportunities for skinny dipping and sunbathing on its banks.


A very large part of our land is forest, and we’ve created several hiking trails that can perfectly be enjoyed without clothes. Here you can become one with the surrounding nature and listen to nothing but the sounds of the environment. If you want to learn more about the domain and its splendid nature, we also organize weekly naked hikes during which Xavier will share all his wisdom about the surroundings and take you to spots that you may never find on your own.


Nature and naturism have always gone hand in hand, and this is definitely the case at L’Eglantière as well. No matter whether you prefer to enjoy it with or without clothes.