How to interact with other naturists?

Going for the first time to a naturist campsite often raises a lot of questions. Maybe you are already used to being naked by yourself or with your family, but a place full of naked strangers is a completely different experience. Will they look at you? Will you look at them? What if someone wants to talk to you? How do you avoid ending up in an awkward situation?


You’re not that special


One very important thing to remember is that for many of the other visitors, it won’t be their first time. They have probably already seen hundreds, if not thousands of other naked people. For them, a nude body is not a special sight anymore. They will see you as just another guest, a neighbour, a potential friend they haven’t met yet. Your naked body will be one of so many.


Naked interactions


Social interactions at naturist campsites are quite similar to everywhere else in the world. You’re likely to talk about the exact same things as you would do if you meet someone on the street, in a bar, or in the supermarket. Naturists in general are very friendly, so it’s perfectly fine to say “hello” to everyone you pass by or to ask for a helping hand if you can’t figure out how to set up your tent. 


Where to keep your eyes


Most guides to the naturist etiquette will tell you to always keep your eyes on eye level. The nudity of others is not an invitation to stare at their bodies. This being said, have you ever tried to constantly look someone in the eyes during a conversation? It gets awkward and even a bit creepy. Letting your eyes wander is natural and totally accepted, just don’t lock them on the other person’s genitals or breasts. If you can keep your eyes at eye level for about 80% of the time, it’s totally fine.


Respect people’s boundaries


Different naturists have different levels of comfort. Some might be very outgoing and will immediately invite you for a drink at their pitch. Others will prefer to keep some distance. This too is not much different than in the rest of the world and it requires people skills to estimate how others feel. When you first meet someone, you may want to avoid kissing or hugging but rather shake their hand.


Where to make naturist friends


The communal areas like the bar and the swimming pool are excellent places to meet other naturists and strike up a conversation. Even better is to join group activities and community dinners. You’ll find that most naturists love meeting other people and that naturist campsites are great places to make new friends.


Romance at the naturist campsite


If you’re looking for love, the naturist campsite may not be the best place to be. At least, not better than any other campsite in the world. But, of course, it might happen that you encounter the person of your dreams. If that happens, once again naturist campsites don’t differ from the rest of the world. Have a nice conversation, maybe dinner and a movie, and see where that takes you.