How do you find the courage to try naturism?

To many aspiring naturists, the “social” aspect is the most daunting. You’ve seen the pictures of naturist campsites. Of people seeming completely relaxed in nature, skinny dipping in a beautiful pool, or getting a nice tan under the warm French sun. And you think to yourself: “I want that too! This should be me!”.

But then you start thinking about the other guests, who will inevitably be there, and who will all get to see you in your birthday suit. You still want to try naturism, but your insecurities are holding you back. We believe that it would be such a waste if this was the reason why you may never try naturism. Especially, because we know that your concerns are largely unfounded, no matter how you look.


Everyone has gone through this


All these naturists you see in the pictures seem so confident, and they really are, but they have not always been like this. It’s important to remember that everyone had to take their first steps and has struggled with the same insecurities as you do. They had the same fears. The same doubts. But they did take the plunge and look at how confident they are now. This could be you too.


Naturists are used to seeing naked people


When you do take the first step and leave your clothes behind, the last thing you want is to be the centre of attention. What if someone will look at you? What if someone will stare at you? You can already imagine how uncomfortable that would feel. At naturist campsites, however, the others will not stare at you when you are naked. Because you’re wearing the uniform, you won’t stand out. It’s much more likely that someone will look at you when you are dressed because then you’ll really catch the eye.


You don’t look that special


Whether you like how you look or you don’t, that doesn’t matter because the other naturists are not going to care about this at all. Many have been naturists for a long time and have spent lots of time at naturist campsites. They have seen so many naked people before. They’ve seen every body shape, plenty of times. So no matter how you look, we’re sure that we’ve seen plenty of bodies similar to yours.


Take things at your own pace


At L’Eglantière, we have areas that tend to be very social, like the terrace of the restaurant and the swimming pool. But our domain is huge and there’s plenty of space in nature where you will not encounter many of the other guests. If you feel uncertain about being naked among others, these are the best places to get used to your natural state before mingling with others. You can also retreat to these places if all that socialising becomes a bit too much for you. Naturists are very respectful and will give you all the space you need, and once you’re ready, they will be there for a good conversation and a glass of wine.