Comfort and naturism: A perfect combination

Naturism has always been strongly connected to camping. In the early days, naturists often went deep into the woods to practice social nudity. Close to nature and away from angry and curious eyes. By the late 20th century, when naturism became more accepted and much less of a taboo, camping remained the norm as it’s an excellent way to connect with nature in your most natural state. 


Naturism in the 21st century


The terms “naturist camp” and “naturist colony” have largely become old-fashioned, but the principle of the naturist campsite as the top vacation option kept standing strong. The naturists bring their own gear, and at the end of the vacation, they disappear without leaving a trace. It’s a wonderful idea, but is it still valid in the world that we live in today?


Nowadays, largely thanks to the internet and the uprise of the spa and wellness culture, more and more people start recognizing the joys and benefits of spending some time without clothes. They notice the physical comfort of not being restricted by tight fabrics and the mental comfort of not having to spend hours in front of the mirror. Most importantly, they realize the endless range of benefits of the social aspect of naturism. How it increases their body confidence and the respect that they have for others and for nature.


While, for a long time, naturism was largely reserved to those with a very specific philosophy and mindset, the lifestyle is currently spreading towards a much wider public. All with their own needs and requirements. All with their own preferences and likes. And definitely not all “new naturists” prefer to spend their well-deserved vacation inside a small tent or want to buy an expensive camper van.


Comfortable naturism for everybody!


The variety of accommodation options for naturists evolved with this new trend. In parts of the world, the focus starts shifting towards luxury all-inclusive naked resorts. But when there’s more concrete than nature, can we still talk about natur-ism? At L’Eglantière we aim to provide the perfect middle way. Being located in a large natural domain, away from busy cities and loud traffic, the connection with nature is never hard to find. For the guests who do prefer a real bed and/or a private bathroom, we offer several types of rental options that easily comply with all needs.


Our mobile homes and chalets are fully equipped and the perfect solution for families. If you do want a bit more of the “camping feel”, we would recommend a stay in one of our Coco Menthe glamping tents


The mix of naturism, nature, and a certain level of comfort has proven to be a great success. Because other than the physical comfort, our rental accommodations also bring a sense of mental comfort in the way that you don’t need to drive all the way over here in a fully-loaded car. You don’t need to worry if you’ve packed everything. We would almost say that you can just hop on a train without luggage because you don’t need any clothes either. But that would mean that you won’t get the chance to visit our beautiful surroundings, and that would be a real pity.