A typical day on a naturist holiday

Many aspiring naturists are wondering what a naturist holiday really looks like. So you set up your tent, take off your clothes, but what happens next? Do you just sit there naked in the sun until the time comes to go home again?


On one hand, we can tell you that a vacation at a naturist campsite is not all that different from one at any other campsite, except that you’re not obliged to be dressed during a warm and sunny day. Many guests spend their days exploring the region outside the campsite and just prefer to reside without clothes during the mornings and evenings.


Other than the fact that you can be naked whenever and wherever you want to, there are some other subtle differences with a clothed vacation. The most important ones are that naturist vacations tend to be much more relaxing and stress-free and that naturist campsites often have a much better social atmosphere than their textile neighbors.


We can’t tell you what your days at the campsite will be like exactly because that’s something very personal. But if you decide to spend a day “inside”, it’s very likely that it will look something like this.


Lazy mornings


There’s something about waking up in nature that completely relieves you from all stress. By having nothing around as a reminder of all the things you could be doing, you are very likely to just take the day as it comes. To just sit outside, sipping a coffee and have breakfast while the sun gets higher and higher in the sky.


Active mornings


It’s not uncommon that this morning ritual takes until noon (or even later), but it doesn’t have to. Especially in the heath of the summer, the morning temperatures are perfect to do something active. Nothing beats a skinny dip in the pool, or the cold river if you dare, to start your day totally awake and alive. Or you could join one of the morning yoga and fitness activities. Another great way to start the day is by the weekly organized guided naked hike through the forest.


Cooling down in the water


The summer temperatures in the south of France often make the afternoons warm and sweaty. This is when the comfort side of naturism kicks in. Not a single piece of fabric has to cover your skin and there definitely won’t be a wet bathing suit sticking to your body. During the afternoons, many guests like to reside next to the pool or near the river to have a refreshing skinny dip when the heat gets too much.


Social evenings


When the sun starts to set again, the bar comes alive. The perfect opportunity to meet some of the other guests, or to continue the conversations you had in the pool or during yoga earlier today. The communal dinners stimulate this social scene even more and the evening entertainment is the cherry on your day at the naturist campsite cake. Maybe tomorrow you will explore some of the surroundings. Or maybe not. Maybe it will just be another day like today. And that is perfectly fine.