Flora and Fauna

On foot, by bike or in a canoe - see and discover the abundance of nature at l'Eglantière.


The many springs at l'Eglantière give the area a varied, thick and well-irrigated vegetation. Discover it as you walk our nature paths.

L'Eglantière's main feature is the Gers. As it crosses the site here and there, its gentle, winding course brings freshness and movement. Trout and gudgeon play in it to the delight of anglers.


The clayey soil of the site is home to oak, ash, wild rose, chestnut, acacia, willow and more. Gathering berries and mushrooms, chestnuts and figs each year is a must for the connoisseur.

Among this varied vegetation, it is not unusual to encounter salamanders, sheep, roe deer, squirrels, dormice, does, hares, hedgehogs, weasels, martens, crickets… With a little patience, photographers will be able to take stunning pictures.


The starry sky, the Milky Way and shooting stars in August will amaze romantics and stargazers alike.

From sunrise on, you are sure to hear and perhaps also see the impressive diversity of birds in the area: jays, turtle doves, sparrows, robins, woodpeckers, thrashers, spotted woodpeckers, kingfishers, pheasants… But also : partridges, quails, kinglets, titmice, swallows, egrets, herons, woodpigeons and magnificent birds of prey - buzzards, red kites or hawks.