Organic Farming and Naturism

Healthy life : when naturism and organic agriculture live together !

produits BIO ferme naturiste de l'Eglantiere

To live in harmony and in symbiosis with our environment, this is what naturism advocates ! Naturist people usually adopt healthy practices in their diet, sport activities, lifestyle but also in the way they act with their environment reducing their ecological impact. Following this "healthy" spirit, organic agriculture is at the center of naturist values.

At the Domaine de l’Eglantière we are proud to offer organic products directly from our certified farm. With a sheep breeding and cultivations (soya and field beans), the farm lives in perfect harmony with the Domaine.

naturisme environnement biologique

Here you will then enjoy, depending on the season :

  • Organic products from the farm, at the restaurant and in the shop : lamb, sheep and field beans !
  • Shearing activity, an original and recreational way to discover sheep in family !
  • The sight of our sheep grazing on some camping pitches, an efficent and natural weedkiller !

Thus, chidren and adults can enjoy this cohabition or better said collaboration between the Domaine and the organic farm !

Ferme bio Domaine naturiste de l'Eglantiere

The Clutural and Leisure Association of the friends of Ecology, ACLAE, was created last march and is since based at the Domaine de l’Eglantière. The objectif is to promote the values of mutual assistance, solidarity and ecology together with naturism through cultural, sports recreative or gastronomic events. These event will be a good way to spread naturist values that are much more than only promoting a life without clothes.

We are convinced this inovative project will seduce our clients and we are very happy to support it ! Succes and a long life for the ACLAE !